The ideal solution is a three-zone entrance. First, there is a scraper grid that takes care of the worst of the dirt, after which there is a combination mat that collects finer dirt particles, and finally there is an absorbent mat that absorbs any remaining moisture. However, sometimes, there is simply not enough space to have two or three zones. With our entrance system, it doesn’t matter what your entrance looks like. You can customise the inserts you want in the aluminium sections, depending on the type of entrance you have. Rubber inserts, ribbed inserts and absorbent mats… When used in the right combination, they will make sure things are kept really clean indoors.

Entrance ALU

ALU mat – Rubber insert

An entrance mat consisting of rubber inserts in aluminium sections provides a highly durable mat that scrapes off most of the coarse dirt before it reaches the entrance.

ALU mat – Scraper insert

An entrance mat consisting of scraper inserts in aluminium profiles provides a mat with an additional scraping function, and it is extremely durable.

ALU mat – Ribbed insert

An entrance mat consisting of ribbed inserts in aluminium profiles provides a highly durable and moisture-absorbing mat that really takes care of the "fine" dirt particles.

ALU mats in revolving doors

Entrance mat for revolving doors with aluminum profiles manufactured in accordance with EN 16005 with 3 mm intervals between the profiles.

ALU mat with ATF tactile guide strip

Komplettera entrémattan med ett taktilt ledstråk för ökad tillgänglighet. Ledstråket läggs med kontrasterande färg till entrémattan och det har två olika profilhöjder för att skapa en taktil känsla. Ledstråket består 7 profiler.

Casting frame, ramp and connectors

Casting frames, ramp edges, T-eding and connectors.

Entrance SCRAPE


JAGUAR ECO is a brand new PVC-free product made from 50% recycled material. It is a durable modular mat in TPE, for entrances with tough requirements.


The Jaguar mat is extremely durable and with open hole pattern. Available in four heights.

Entrance DRY


COMBI TILE ECO en byggbar kombinationsmatta. Tillverkad av återvunnet PET-garn. Den är både effektiv, ljuddämpande och halksäkrande.


Combi Rullvara ECO is an exclusive combination carpet which is ideal as a runner in environments such as shopping centres. The rolls are 183 cm wide and 20 m long.


Strong and durable combination mat with a surface layer of PET polyester, made from recycled PET bottles, a material which has good absorbency and dries rapidly.


A professionally washable absorbent mat which can withstand the demands of heavily trafficked entrances. The reverse is made of strong, thick nitrile rubber with a reinforced edge that keeps moisture and dirt in place.

All in One

The All in One mat is a combination mat that scrapes off heavy dirt and absorbs moisture.


The Solett is an effective absorbent mat with excellent absorbency, which will keep your building clean and dry.

Entrance GRID

Scraper grid c/c 33 x 11

Scraper Grids for customized solutions in terms of form and function. Suitable for both larger entrances at arenas and shopping malls to the smaller entrance.

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