The Solett is an effective absorbent mat with excellent absorbency, which will keep your building clean and dry. The pile draws in moisture, and fine dirt accumulates in the bottom of the mat. The vinyl backing has been specially developed for our cold Nordic climate. It is soft, flexible, very durable and copes with substantial temperature fluctuations. The Solett is available ready to lay or on a roll in three widths. The mat can be cut without unravelling.

Technical specifications

Material:Olefin top, vinyl backing.
Thickness/weight:8 mm / Total weight: 2.23 kg/m2
Properties:Excellent absorbency, can hold up to 7.1 litres of water/m².
Fire resistance class:D.O.C. FF-1-70 (Pill test)
Guarantee::2 years
Environment:For indoor use. Medium traffic.




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