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The ideal solution is a three-zone entrance. First, there is a scraper grid that takes care of the worst of the dirt, after which there is a combination mat that collects finer dirt particles, and finally there is an absorbent mat that absorbs any remaining moisture. However, sometimes, there is simply not enough space to have two or three zones. With our entrance system, it doesn’t matter what your entrance looks like. You can customise the inserts you want in the aluminium sections, depending on the type of entrance you have. Rubber inserts, ribbed inserts and absorbent mats… When used in the right combination, they will make sure things are kept really clean indoors. Here at Matting, we will guide you to your best entrance solution!


Right from the start.

We will help you analyse your property’s needs and can recommend the best solution based on this. Of course, it is important to get it right from the start, in order to avoid expensive changes later. That is why we like to be involved in the process from an early stage. We have the know-how that is needed to install scraper grids and mats which are both functional and compatible with the environment. We also have the resources needed to project-manage the entire process from start to finish. The result is a lasting durable solution which will help to keep your entrance clean and attractive and keep your cleaning costs down.

Scraper grids and entrance mats for every environment.

Entrance GRID – zone 1

Architecturally attractive scraper grids for custom solutions as regards design and function. With two different mesh sizes, we can meet most wishes regarding an attractive and functional solution outside the entrance.

Entrance ALU – zones 1-3

Heavy duty entrance mats which function in every type of entrance are available for both indoor and outdoor use. A smart system of aluminium sections and various types of insert make the entrance mat extremely effective. Ribbed, rubber or brushes - the type of entrance you have determines which inserts you need. Our range is available in a wide variety of different materials to suit different types of floor surfaces and settings. Entrance SCRAPE – zones 1-2 A scraper mat must collect the coarse dirt and retain it in the mat structure and at the same time be easy to clean. The fact that it is non-slip and drained adds a further two functions which are key factors to consider when choosing a scraper mat.

Entrance DRY – zone 3

Effective absorbent mats in various widths to suit all entrances. Available in a variety of qualities, colours and sizes - making them easy to adapt to the setting.

Tactile/visual entrance solutions - zones 1-3

We create visual and tactile entrance solutions with contrast markings for every conceivable type of setting. Read more about these solutions at www.tactileflooring.se

We have the tools.

Know-how is our most important tool when we recommend entrance solutions for a particular type of property. We know which solution would be most appropriate based on footfall and load in the entrance. We can arrange measurements to be taken if necessary and we can work closely with national flooring and paving companies across Sweden if you require assistance with installation.

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