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Entrance solutions

That vital first impression.

It should be welcoming, aesthetically pleasing and functional. It should do the job properly - collecting dirt and absorbing any liquids or moisture, thereby protecting the surrounding floor areas. It should minimise the risk of slipping and reduce cleaning costs.

Work process
Work process

Tactile and visual tactile paths in the entrance mat.

At Nordbygg, we presented our entrance solutions with tactile paths in the entrance mat in order to meet accessibility requirements.

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Entrance mats for every environment.

We offer individually customised solutions based on our proven three-zone cleaning system, which enables you to capture 90% of the dirt and moisture passing through your entrance. The ideal solution is a three-zone entrance. First, there is a scraper grid that takes care of the worst of the dirt, after which there is a combination mat that collects finer dirt particles, and finally there is an absorbent mat that absorbs any remaining moisture.

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Scrape or dry? Or a combination of the two?

Our high-quality scraper grids and mats have been developed to cope with our harsh Nordic climate. The wear is of course caused by the environment and traffic load, which is why we offer a range of alternatives in order to satisfy every need. There isn’t always space for two or three steps/zones in an entrance. In these cases, we recommend a combination mat, which can both scrape off thick dirt and absorb moisture.

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We have the tools.

Entrances can of course have many different appearances. Most mats are of the simple rectangular type, but there are sometimes tricky angles, rounded shapes or pillars in the recess. To ensure that you get the mat you need, hire a measuring consultant to measure up everything in situ. Upon installation, the mats or scraper grids will be delivered in manageable sections.

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A selection of our products

At Serneke Arena in Gothenburg, the two largest entrances have been equipped with scraper grids in order to prevent coarse dirt from being brought into the building. Inside the doors, the entrance mats deal with the finer dirt. We have also successfully completed projects in IKEA Kållered, Niagara Högskola in Malmö and Träffpunkt Simonsland in Borås.

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