JAGUAR MAT is a durable modular mat in NBR rubber/vinyl for entrances with tough requirements. Open hole pattern that accommodates large amounts of dirt. Available in four heights and can be ordered in the desired dimensions.

The Jaguar mat is extremely durable and is ideal for demanding entrances with heavy traffic; the scraper heel scrapes off the dirt very effectively. The open hole pattern can hold large amounts of dirt without looking dirty. Dirt is no longer brought into the premises, floor wear is reduced and the floor looks cleaner and fresher. The mat’s low weight makes it easy to roll up in order to remove sand and gravel, resulting in fewer heavy lifts and a better working environment for the cleaning staff.

The reverse is drained in two directions to ensure optimum run-off and evaporation. The attractive surface finish resists dirt very well and gives you a welcoming and fresh entrance.

The mat is available in four heights: 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm. It consists of a modular system of 400 x 100 mm. You can purchase a ready-to-lay mat made to your dimensions. It will then be made as a rectangular shape to the nearest over-dimensions. The mat can then simply be cut in situ to ensure the perfect fit. Alternatively, you can order loose modules and construct the mat yourself; these modules are easy to fit together without special tools.

We offer a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee, so if your mat should be damaged, the damaged module can easily be replaced in situ. This makes the Jaguar Mat a long-term and highly economical alternative.

Technical specifications

Colours:Black and grey
Heights:12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm
12 mm suitable for light traffic. 16 mm for medium traffic and 20-25 mm suitable for entrances with heavy traffic.
Aluminium frame, casting frame and anchors are available as accessories.
Temperature:-35° to +70°C
5 years production and manufacturing guarantee.
Fire protection:EN 13501: CFl – s1.
Cleaning:Roll up the mat, brush or vacuum the recess (possibly wash the floor), roll it back into place. Can also be cleaned using a high-pressure washer if heavily soiled. Cleaning is recommended every other week or more often, depending on the season (rain and snow) and amount of dirt. Modules can be replaced if they become damaged.





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