Casting frame, ramp and connectors

Casting frames

Made from angle sections (L). The frame is prepared for assembly with bevelled corners and strong, pre-assembled corner brackets that ensure accurate screwing. The frame can also be supplied as straight sections in the desired lengths.

Entrance by Matting - Ingjutningsramar 10, 15, 20, 25 mm


T-edging is usually used as a separator between two mats in a single recess.

Entrance by Matting - T-lister 17 och 22 mm

Ramp edging

Ideal for mats that are approx. 10-12 mm or 16-20 mm high. The edging is made from aluminium and is used when mats are installed over a floor where there are no recesses. It is attached from above using screws into drilled holes. Edging is supplied with pre-drilled holes, but without screws.

Entrance by Matting - ramper 12 och 18 mm


Large mats are sometimes supplied in several sections to ensure that the mat is manageable in terms of both size and weight. Connectors are used to link together the various parts of the mat. The connectors have grooves into which the sections should slot. Once the mat has been assembled, it can easily be rolled up for cleaning in the recess.

Technical specifications

Temperature:-40°C to +70°C
Guarantee:3 years against manufacturing defects.





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