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Combi Roll ECO

Combi Roll ECO is an exclusive combination carpet which is ideal as a runner in environments such as shopping centres. It is attractive, sound-absorbing and non-slip. The carpet has a polyester surface layer made from recycled PET bottles and an underside which contains recycled rubber. The rolls are 183 cm wide and 20 m long. The carpet has no chamfered edges and the backing is completely smooth, which means that it can also be laid edge-to-edge to cover really large areas. The longitudinal pattern is repeated transversely, making the joins completely invisible. The PET polyester surface layer has excellent absorbency and dries quickly. The deep-pressed pattern effectively scrapes off thick dirt. The underside of the carpet is made of hard-wearing SBR rubber. Thanks to its properties, the carpet requires minimal care, making it a highly economical choice.

Technical specifications

Material:Yarn: Recycled PET polyester fibre (100% antistatic). Dyeing process: Solution dyed. Reverse: smooth, made from SBR rubber, including 20% recycled rubber.
Thickness/weight: 9 mm. Approx. 3.4 kg/m2
Properties:Excellent absorbency, fibres dry quickly, non-slip
Fire resistance class:D.O.C. FF-1-70 (Pill test)
Guarantee::2 years
Care:Daily vacuuming. Wash regularly using a Textile Care Machine.
Environment:For indoor use. Heavy traffic.
Colours:Black and grey.




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