ALU mats in revolving doors

Entrance mats in revolving doors with rubber – or alternatively ribbed inserts.

A smart system of aluminium strips and various inserts makes the Entrance ALU mat extremely effective. Ribbed or rubber – the type of entrance you have determines which inserts you need.

An entrance mat consisting of rubber inserts in aluminium sections provides a highly durable mat that scrapes off most of the coarse dirt before it reaches the entrance. An entrance mat with ribbed inserts in the aluminium sections provides a highly durable and absorbent mat that really takes care of the “fine” dirt particles. The aluminium sections are held together by stainless steel wire (Ø3 mm) and rubber separators (3 mm in accordance with EN 16005), which make it easier to clean the entrance recess, as the mat can simply be rolled out of the way. The 17 version is intended for entrances with heavy traffic. The 22 version is recommended for entrances with heavy traffic; it can handle shopping trolleys, wheelchairs, pushchairs, buggies, etc.*

The Entrance ALU is resistant against:
• Salt/snow-melting products
• General chemical products that do not contain chlorine.

Entrance mats with rubber inserts
are ideal for zones 1 or 2 in entrances with three separate zones. For outdoor and indoor use.

Entrance mats with ribbed inserts
are ideal for zone 2 in entrances with three separate zones. For indoor use.

Inserts can also be combined with each other.


Split of a mat in revolving doors

There are different posibilities how to split the mat in the revolving door. Choose the split that goes best with the door wings. This is to facilitate installation and cleaning. The arrow shows the walking direction in the revolving door.

Entrance ALU delning av matta i karuselldörr

Technical specifications

Colours:Black, grey and brown
Heights:17 mm and 22 mm
Load: 2500 kg/m2 (*max. weight per wheel 150 kg, for trolleys or similar with 4 wheels = max. 600 kg/each)
Tolerance::Mat: +/- 2 mm. Recess: Depth +/-2 mm. An effective entrance mat needs a flat, even surface. An uneven surface can result in the mat's aluminium sections becoming deformed.
Temperature::Rubber: -40° to +70°C / Ribbed: +5° to +70°C
Guarantee::3 years against manufacturing defects, does not apply to wear and tear.
Slip resistance:R12 in accordance with DIN 51130.
Fire protection:Cfl-s1 in accordance with EN 13501.
Safety: Manufactured in accordance with EN 16005 with 3 mm spacing between the sections.
Cleaning:Roll up the mat, brush or vacuum the recess (possibly wash the floor), roll it back into place. The mat should be regularly vacuumed, and can even be cleaned with a pressure washer if heavily soiled. Only use chemical products that are non-abrasive to rubber or aluminium. Cleaning is recommended every other week or more often, depending on the season (rain and snow) and amount of dirt.

Zone - Rubber


Zone - Ribbed




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