Scraper grid c/c 33 x 11

Scraper grid with mesh size c/c 33 x 11 mm.

Please specify dimensions when ordering; the height of the supporting bars will be adapted to the span and the estimated load on the grid. The supporting bars are parallel to the direction of flow. Gratings are manufactured from hot galvanised steel and guarantee a constant and exact mesh size with sheet metal in both directions, either with or without serrated cross-bars for maximum non-slip/extra scraper performance.

Structure of scraper grid

Supporting bars are cut and pressed together with the cross-rods under a pressure of 500 tonnes. Edging is in the form of either T-edging or sheet metal. The edge bars are welded using resistance welding on an automatic edging machine. The maximum length of the cross-rods is 2,300 mm, and the manufacturing technique imposes no maximum length on the bars. In practice, the length is determined by the weight of each grid and static requirements.

Technical specifications

Material:Hot galvanised steel.
Measurements:Please specify dimensions when ordering. Mesh size c/c 33 x 11 mm.
Properties:Excellent scraping function, non-slip.
Guarantee:2 years
Care:Rinse/brush below.





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