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Emporia, Malmö

Through our partnership with Herrljunga Terrazzo AB, Matting AB supplied all the entrance mats for Emporia’s entrances. We opted for aluminium section mats with ribbed inserts. An effective, durable, ...

Categories: Aluminium sections, Drying mats, Scraper Mats

Malmö Live

Among other things, Malmö Live houses two concert halls, a congress hall and a hotel with 444 rooms. Malmö Live consists of three buildings which are connected to each other by a common entrance floor...

Categories: Aluminium sections, Scraper Mats

Niagara, Malmö

Niagara in Malmö is a meeting centre for the faculties of culture and society and technology and society, and is also home to the university college’s central management. With its 25,000 m², it is the...

Categories: Other, Aluminium sections, Drying mats, Scraper grids, Scraper Mats

Prioritet Serneke Arena

This arena has a football hall, sports halls, ski hall, gym, hotel and restaurant. Prioritet Serneke Arena has seven floors of sport, offering everything from cross-country skiing to handball and foot...

Categories: Other, Aluminium sections, Scraper grids, Scraper Mats

Träffpunkt Simonsland, Borås

Träffpunkt Simonsland is used by municipal employees who provide services for the elderly and people with disabilities and their associations. The building is also home to around 45 associations and o...

Categories: Other, Drying mats, Scraper Mats, Tactile/visual entrance solutions

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