Emporia, Malmö

Through our partnership with Herrljunga Terrazzo AB, Matting AB supplied all the entrance mats for Emporia’s entrances. We opted for aluminium section mats with ribbed inserts. An effective, durable, rollable and attractive mat. The mat can be made to any desired shape. Emporia was opened in autumn 2012.

Some facts about Emporia

The shopping centre has a floor area of approximately 93,000 m², split between three retail floors and an open roof park with benches, binoculars and a garden, covering an area around 27,000 m². In the summer, the roof park has a café. The building is estimated to have cost around SEK 2 billion (including car park, residential properties and offices on the plot). The building was designed by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor, through Gert Wingårdh. An architectural competition was held in 2007 where the company contributed to the proposal which was subsequently chosen. Emporia won the award for best shopping centre at the World Architecture Festival in 2013. (Source: Wikipedia)


Niagara, Malmö

Niagara in Malmö is a meeting centre for the faculties of culture and society and technology and society, and is also home to the university college’s central management. With its 25,000 m², it is the university college’s second largest building and is used by around 4,500 students and 500 employees since the autumn term of 2015.

In the three entrances, there are entrance mats and scraper grids from Matting. To ensure that the premises/environment meets applicable accessibility requirements, Matting tactile paths made from stainless steel have been installed around Niagara leading to the three entrances of the building. The tactile paths continue into the atrium, where they join to form a main circuit, which has branches off to key functions such as lifts and reception.

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