Combi Tile

Combi Tile is a modular carpet tile system that scrapes off heavy dirt and absorbs water. It consists of 45 x 45 cm tiles with a deep-pressed check pattern in rubber and a textile upper. The backing is studded for ventilation purposes. The deep-pressed pattern scrapes off and collects all heavy dirt effectively; the textile upper deals with fine dirt and water.

You can easily construct a carpet of tiles to the size you require; the tiles can be easily trimmed to the exact dimensions. Combi Tile is designed for use in a floor drain or, in combination with a carpet ramp, directly on the floor. There is no need to glue the tiles, which makes it easy to lift up individual tiles for cleaning or replacement. Combi Tile is extremely dirt-resistant.

Technical specifications

Material:Polypropylene. Ribbed backing made from SBR rubber.
Thickness/weight:12 mm, 1,75 kg / tile
Properties:Excellent absorbency, fibres dry quickly, non-slip.
Fire resistance class:D.O.C. FF-1-70 (Pill test)
Guarantee::2 years
Care:Daily vacuuming. Wash regularly using a Textile Care Machine. Worn tiles can easily be replaced.
Environment:Indoors, heavy traffic. For positioning in a floor drain or combining with a 10 mm profiled ramp if laid directly on a floor.




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